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Eat Surreal was born out of a desire for healthy options when you're on the go. Our spreads and salads are plant-based, nut-free, and gluten-free. Created in small batches produced with fresh, whole ingredients.


And the best part? It's food you can feel good about eating. 


Plant-based, nut-free, gluten-free cheeseball without the cheese. Indulgence everyone can enjoy!



A zesty spread that begins with sunflower seeds and finishes with a special blend of umami. 

Choose the spicy spread for some heat!

Pimento Spread

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An enticing blend of raw veggies with smoked pineapple comes together with a bean-based mayo.

Bam! Salad


Our take on baba ghanoush and tapenade.

Why choose one when you can have both? 


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